We are executive recruiters putting together a collection of work-related stories for a still unnamed publication. We need your help.  In our job, we hear it all on a daily basis so nothing should shock or surprise us.

Do you have a hilarious job-related story to tell?  Or maybe one you shouldn't?  An inspiring story?  A daytime nightmare of a story?  An "I'm so embarrassed I'll never tell anyone" story?  Do you have a job?  Are you trying to get one?  Are you trying to simply find one?  Maybe you're in charge and trying to fill one.  Whichever description applies, we need your input.

For instance...

Ever gone to an interview luncheon and spilled your drink in your lap?  Perhaps tripped on a curb?  How did you recover?  Tell us everything!.

 Have any of you hiring authorities sat across from a potential candidate whose blue eye shadow was so overwhelming you couldn't get the theme from Drew Carey out of your head?  "Ohio! Ohio!"  We want your stories!

The employment industry is more difficult than ever right now.  More people are out of jobs.  Desperation is rampant.  The competition is ugly.  The entire process is more overwhelming than ever, no matter which side of the desk you sitting on.  What often helps us get through tough times like these are the stories we share. 

So you think you're the only one who has trailed toilet paper?  Only one to dazzle with your pearly whites, highlighted with a splotch of L'Oreal's new shade in Raspberry Parfait?  Okay.  Maybe you are. Still, you have company, identical or not, and we know your story will make many people happy.  

Your story could be refreshingly positive and uplifting.  Bring it on!  A story that gives hope is the best of all, and just as helpful as one that gives laughter. 

Maybe, instead, you walked into a dank, dreary office, sure you had read the neon sign wrong, only to hear your name being called out in that questioning but welcoming tone.  Don't feel badly.  It wasn't your poor judgment that got you there.  The economy and lack of jobs made "We Want You!  Lucrative and Legal!  Apply in Person Only!" seem like fate, staring only at you, right there in the Sunday paper.  Yes, even the negative stories are therapeutic.  No one wants to feel alone! 

Hiring authorities?  You've seen and heard it all.  Let us hear it, too.  

Potential employees?  Few of you have had a continuously bright and successful career without mishaps.  Why not share the pain?

Observing co-workers?  We know you don't miss a thing.  Give us the scoop.  

Simply put, our goal is to give hope, camaraderie and enlightenment to the current employment debacle, by sharing your experiences.  We will even write the piece for you if you provide the highlights.  Please submit your story to workstories@gmail.com  Indicate if you want your name withheld or if it can be printed.  All of you who take part will receive information on the finished product.  

It's free!  It's your history in print!  And, more importantly, it is your contribution to making these dark days just a little bit brighter.